Our Happy Clients

1) Steve F.- Athlete

Rolfing was something with which I was completely unfamiliar and decided to check out on the advice of a close friend who's an ex professional ballerina & current fitness pro.

I'd experienced a number of sports injuries over the years, the most recent of which resulted in the compression & rupture of 2 cervical discs, severe pain with atrophy, creeping numbness & a lack of dexterity in my left arm & hand.

Having unsuccessfully tried to solve these conditions with chiropractic & physical therapy, I opted for multi level cervical fusion surgery & ended up rescheduling & canceling 3 times, due to the risks, recovery & rehab time, complications, & significant research pointing to a worsening or at best partial healing/functional outcome.

Manny's multi disciplinary & athletic background was apparent & welcome from our 1st meeting. We talked in depth re: my expectations & desired results, & then he got to work.

Because of  the pain & atrophy severity,  results of recent MRI & EMG tests, & inability to engage in athletic activities, I was on my last legs, physically & mentally. Session 1 changed that completely, as did the rest of the series.

I continued through a 2nd series of visits to address & refine other areas needing balance & integration. 

Since these treatments (it's been a couple of years now) I've been virtually pain free & have regained most of the size, strength & function lost in my left arm.

I should be getting back for tune ups & benefiting from Manny's supplemental nutrition, movement, exercise, stretching & posture recommendations, but I've been too busy enjoying my pain free, functional life & all the activities I thought were jeopardized. 

I recommend Manny highly & have referred friends, just as I was, because the process flat works!

2) Brian A. Active Professional

After years of injuries I knew that somewhere in my body there was imbalance. I had tried plenty of stretching techniques, foam rolling, exercises, physical therapy, and other types of massage and nothing fixed the overall issue or was long lasting. After just a few sessions with Manny my body felt different and was able to move in ways that hadn't been possible for years. Beyond the effectiveness of his techniques though, Manny cares a lot about his patients and helps to educate them on how to take care of their bodies when at home and he's very upfront about cost & options. Can't say enough about him and his methods.

3) Karen G. - Triathlete

I went to Manny as a last resort for chronic shoulder and hip pain I have been suffering with for the last 3 years.  I had previously tried physical therapy, chiropractic, massage, acupuncture and acupressure, none of which led to a lasting solution.  A friend recommended I try Rolfing. I am an athlete and the pain was interfering with my sleep, which in turn was interfering with my ability to train. Manny listened to all my issues and not only balanced my body to become pain free but also provided me with corrective exercises (tools) to do, if I did feel the pain coming back. And also provided me with instruction on how to correct my posture to assist with preventing the pain from reoccurring. I highly recommend Manny and wish I had not wasted my time and money going else where before visiting him.

4) Nayelli C.- Bodyworker

Manny has an extensive background in the study of the human body and all of its inner workings.  This past year he helped me get out of debilitating hip and shoulder pain and shifted my legs into more functionally balanced structures.   He is a great listener and he made me feel very comfortable while receiving the deep rolfing work.  He is also a nutritional therapist so we were able to address my tight cramped up calves with high quality supplements. I cannot say enough about Manny, he is a true healer with laser-like focus on health and well-being. Investment in Manny's work is worth the though and exploration for those who are ready for the next step in their evolution. Good luck!

5) Elaina M. Daughter of a Chriopractor

I was in so much pain with my neck & shoulder. I decided to give rolfing a try, since massage and PT were unsuccessful. I found Manny on Yelp, and gave him a call. He got me in right away. We had a 2 hour session - and since then, Ive been pain free. I highly recommend him, he's very good at assessing muscular imbalance, and he works the muscles vigorously to finally relax. way better than your average massage therapist.

6) Chris C. - Bodyworker, International Jiu- Jitsu Competitor

Manny's bodywork is effective and lasting.  He understands how to bring a body to balance which I feel really few people can do.  He is not the typical protocol type of bodyworker, Manny takes care to make your sessions unique for you.  I've gone to him for low back and neck pain and he has always done a thorough job of eliminating it. I recommend Manny for anyone and everyone who is looking to get out of trouble be it acute or chronic. Manny is the man.

7) Chrissy S.- Chiropractor

I have seen Manny with the Rolf Workshop three times and am impressed with his knowledge and intuitive care. As a chiropractor who works a lot with restoring posture and biomechanics, I am picky about who works on my body. I look forward to my future sessions and getting to experience the difference I believe it will make.

8) Dan S.- Triathlete

I met Manny through the OC Triathlon Club.  Over the past few years, I have benefited from his impressive knowledge of the body and how to treat and avoid injuries.  I first visited his office to help resolve hip and leg issues from running.  As an athlete himself, he identified the cause of my various issues, and applied both his rolfing (structural therapy) and preventative exercises to solve my injuries.  
When I cannot see Manny, I follow him through his Structural Performance podcasts where he covers almost every health and wellness topic.  Manny has established himself as a true holistic practitioner, and his knowledge is a great resource for his clients.   Check out Manny for any of your chronic pain issues or health concerns.

9) Eric W- Pro Tour Golfer

Over the past 25 years I've worked with chiropractors, massage therapist, accupuntiorist, and rolfers in a attempt to easy my back pain and increase my mobility. Rolfing is a very effective way to improve body alignment and Manny's professional style and passion for healing is a great option if your interested in feeling better.

10) Lauren P. – Dancer

I feel so blessed to have found Manny Aragon and The Rolf Workshop. As a former dancer who now works in internet marketing, I went from a very active lifestyle to sitting 10+ hours a day for my job. This change, coupled with my fibromyalgia, has had a negative impact on my body. After having seen many doctors, chiropractors, acupuncturists, massage therapists, etc...Manny is the first to provide long-lasting pain relief. He is also the first to put the whole picture together, identifying that my back and neck pain was, in part, a result of poor hip alignment. Prior practitioners would hear I had neck pain and only look at my neck. Or they would look at my back and see that I was very flexible, and then decide that I had "normal" range of motion, instead of realizing that after many years of dance, my "normal" range of motion was not the same as the average person's. Manny took all these factors into consideration.

Manny is incredibly intuitive, a wonderful listener, and dedicated to finding a customized solution that works for the individual patient. I could not recommend him more highly!

11) Gail P.- Scoliosis, Cyclist

Desperate for relief of pain from a lifetime of Scoliosis complicated by a severe car accident, surgery and 4 months in a wheelchair, I turned to the internet to find an alternative to what Allopathic Medicine could not provide.  Prescription after prescription did not relieve the pain and I was unwilling to continue to experiment.  Google "sent" me to a list of Rolfers and I connected immediately with the Rolf Workshop inquiry.
Ten weeks later I have gone from desperation to hopeful because of the significant change in the pain index and an unexpected personalized attention to living with my Scoliosis.
That is all the "physical" stuff.  I also found a Spirit and Heart connection with Manny that was necessary for my recovery.  Manny is intuitive and empathic and does not put your file away until the next visit. Each visit was met with a "you know, I've been thinking about this since your last visit,,,,,,,,,,,".
Give your body a treat and a treatment by taking that next step to not only discover Rolfing but discover Manny.
In gratitude,,,,


12) Susan N.- Diabetic Neurpathy

I have now been seeing Manny Aragon of The Rolf Workshop for 6 weeks.  I have had vast improvement in my balance and flexibility in my body. We started working first on my feet and legs I noticed that my archers are supporting my body. My legs are not swelling any more. We have now started working on my shoulders and back and have had vast improvement with flexibility. I worked for over 25 years in retail and was hard on my body working and stocking merchandise. 
So if you want to get the flexibility you had before make an appointment and See Manny Aragon of the Rolf Workshop.

13) Lani C.- Dancer

I've had many different types of massage through the years, but this was my first time trying rolfing, and I'm so happy I did!  After my first session with Manny, I got so much relief in my body that I haven't experienced with other types of massage.  I'm an esthetician and do a lot of facials and brow waxing, so my body and neck are always hunched a little bit forward.  Over time, I've created a lot of tension in my shoulders, neck and lower back.  After one session with Manny, I could definitely feel the difference in my posture - my shoulders moved back and my hips got more in alignment as well.

Manny is a true professional and knows the body well.  He even has a lot of knowledge about nutritional supplements and I really loved that.  I'll definitely be back!!

14) Mason M. -Personal Trainer

From the first moment I stepped into Manny's office I was impressed with the cleanliness of the facility and the smiles from all of the staff.
After starting my first session with Manny he surprised me with his knowledge of the human body and how it could be fixed or improved. We then got into the massage portion and I was so  impressed with his ability to make my "life long pain" reduce dramatically! He was able to relax my muscles and improve my posture more in 1 session than I have been able to get out of 3 years of physical therapy, and for that I thank you!!
I have been to multiple chiropractic and massage therapy places, always going in with the same pain issues in my shoulders and upper back but nothing has worked...
After today ,I finally got hope back that I could be fixed!!

15) Angela B.- Spin Instructor, Cyclist

I found Mr. Aragon to have a deep understanding for body mechanics.  I started with the ten session package which is a must to undue years of dysfunction creating havoc of all sorts.  I then continued with maintenance sessions.  Manny's Rolfing sessions taught me alot on how to pay attention to the signals my body was telling me, the tools of exercise and nutrition to keep my body in its optimal state.  I really could benefit from ongoing sessions but the 10 session package and a significant series of maintenance has provided me the ability to keep my body functioning.  I now only need to seek his treatment when in crisis/injury.  

The nutritional testing also peeked my interest and as I explored it found it a necessary tool.  How cool that my body needs certain vitamins and minerals unique to me and even then, some sometimes and some all the time.  The only downside to nutritional testing and the quality supplements requires to be effective is the cost.  But the price is a fair one; just not cheap. But who wants cheap when dealing with your body's health!

16) Alex M.- Surfer

Manny is super knowledgable and a really cool guy. He taught me a ton about how to pay attention to what my body is telling me and how to fix it. His work was amazing and super helpful in alleviating my pain. The only thing I'm bummed about is that the sessions had to come to an end. Definitely will return in the future.

17) Kristin S.- Dancer, Dance Instructor

Manny is wonderful! He is professional, and seasoned in knowledge of the body. Seeking help for injuries can be a very vulnerable experience, but Manny made me feel so comfortable and relaxed. Additionally, I teach fitness and I recommended one of my clients to Manny. She was having so much pain before she went to him and now she seems to be worlds better. Check him out! You won't be disappointed!

18) R.H.

Manny is clearly very enthusiastic and dedicated to what he does! I was new to Rolfing and Manny made a great introduction and made me feel comfortable instantly. He is warm and professional and very knowledgeable. I highly recommend Rolfing sessions for anyone who has not tried it!

19) Aubrie P.- Personal Trainer

Manny is fantastic! Very knowledgeable about the human body and its bio mechanically correct movements, and he's got an eye for noticing imbalances within the system. After just one session I was able to improve my posture and relax some of the tension in my lower back. He made me feel very comfortable, as well as filled me with excitement to learn more about my own body and how I can improve my strength and stability. I will definitely continue sessions with him because I think he is a unique and exceptional practitioner.

20) Grace K.- Massage Therapist

As a massage therapist for 13+ years, I am very particular when it comes to choosing a good therapist.  I was impressed with Manny's work.  His inquisitive and intuitive nature works hand-in-hand to tailor your bodywork session to meet your needs.  I highly recommend his program!

21) J.D. B.- Cyclist

I had been curious about Rolfing for years and decided to try it.  The experience was fantastic!  Manny's skill, gentleness and knowledge led me through each session freeing up my body in so many areas.  I noticed  a shift in my ability to move my body in the most basic ways  ... even simply walking! Anyone who has been interested in Rolfing has a great opportunity here in southern California to work with a great practitioner ... go see Manny!

22) Paula D.- Golfer

I was always "afraid" of Rolfing even though I had heard from so many people with positive results.
At my wits end with everything else, I went to Manny.
I took his series and I can say, he is a Master. He got me aligned and out of pain. Head to toe.
Do not hesitate to use him!

23) Joellen G.- Hiker

I have been working with Manny for a few years now and he has always been super helpful.  He wants to make your body work for you and do what he can to make the that happen for you.  He has been very willing to do what ever I need and very accommodating to my needs.  I always have a great experience every time I go to his office.

24) Paula C.- Bodyworker

Manny is a committed, kind, knowlegable, professional that has your best interest in heart.  He is generous with his intake time and truly wants to get a sense of your overall well-being before he begins his sessions. Your currect health situation and your personal health goals really matter to him and you can feel his genuine concern and his expertice, not only in being present with you as a human being but also his education and application of his skills. If you are looking for deep healing and a trusted professional to help you on your path... Manny is the Man.

25) Aaron G. – US National Kettlebell Champion

Wow!!! Manny's time with me and his method was incredible!! I feel like my body was being held up by itself, with very little effort. After my time with him I was floating!! Not only is Manny's bodywork effective and lasting, his listening skills and communication skills during the session were incredible!! I am very grateful, thankful, and appreciative of this man's passion to help people improve in their structure, health, vitality and life!! Thanks again to The Rolf Workshop and Manny!!

26) Stephanie K.- Swim Coach

Highly recommend Manny's Rolfing work! I'm an athlete, been worked on by many and feel because of that my standards (and I work in the field) are high. Ultimately this has assisted in athletic performance for me, but has also aided in my recovery from surgery and other injuries.  As a swim coach I recommend him to my adult athlete swimmers. It is such a blessing to work with GOOD people and Manny is one of them!

27) Aud. T.- Severe Sciatica

Manny's Kungfu touch makes a profound difference ;feels- as unfair advantage over the state that u were in before,even if u werent injured,u feel substantialy activated to that unfair level,but it is fare to be complete U.thank u Manny for doing many

28) Greg K.- Elite Masters Runner

As an active 40-something with many years of sports-related injuries (and every intent to continue getting them), Manny's help in tuning my body to relieve the pains of years of abuse and keep me agile and ready for another 80 years of life is critical. I'm rock climbing, surfing, snowboarding, and running as well as ever - if not better. Thanks, Manny!

29) Dawn B- Osteopathic Physician

I was impressed by the space Manny created for healing, as well as his skill and knowledge.  After two sessions with Manny, I was able to swim more symmetrically and easily. I highly recommend Manny for any structural integration!!

30) L.I. – Scoliosis

After years of suffering from back pain (I have scoliosis), I finally got sick of it. I went to see Manny and my back pain is gone. Not only is the pain gone, but I move better and stand straighter too. He is professional and knowledgeable. He knows the body. He listens and teaches. Did I mention my back pain is gone?

31) L.B.- Neck Pain

I just finished my 10 sessions and Manny worked wonders to relieve my neck pain. With the things he's taught me, I hope to continue to be pain free. Thanks Manny!

32) Christina M. – Scoliosis

I approached the whole idea of "getting Rolfed"  with great trepidation since I had heard it could be very painful. I decided to do it anyway after Manny explained the process to me.  I signed up for the whole program and received nothing but benefits. My posture improved.  My pain subsided.  Manny is very skilled at what he does. I highly recommend using his services.

33) Dr.N – Naturopathic Physician

Manny Aragon is a highly skilled Rolfer that uses his years of training and expertise to regain optimal balance to the body

34) A.C. – Bodyworker

I have been practicing yoga for years, and I have good flexibility and range of motion. Even so, I have had severe tightness in my left hamstring that I just haven't been able to get rid of. Manny's work did the trick! I have relief from years of aching discomfort. Thank you, Manny!

35) J.K. – Personal Trainer

I have had a back injury since I was 21 years old (16 years) and I have been to many doctors and even chiropractors. Manny was the first person who was actually able to take the pain away and dramatically increase my functionality and mobility.. I would highly recommend Manny for anyone looking to relieve chronic back or joint pain.

36) J.H. –Student

I am walking so much more smoothly now. I can feel my feet on the floor and the way the weight drops down through them. Before, my walking motion was more rocking side to side. Now my legs go front to back.

37) B.P. – Scoliosis

Manny's therapy enables me to a) stand more upright, b) feel less pull of gravity, c) balance aligned and centered over my two feet, and d) shoulders back and chest open to breathe easier.

38) J.J.- Dancer

My leg is so much better, I even was on my toes! I tried to refrain from any jumping, but the night was kinda a blur, I don't remember. All I know is that I'm walking normal and it doesn't hurt that much anymore! WOO HOO! I wouldn't have been able to do it if it weren't for you. You are amazing!!!”

39) J.L.- Neck Pain

Aside from his natural talent and skill, I appreciated (Manny) passion for his work and concern for his clients. Manny genuinely cares about your health. He will provide homeopathic advice, demonstrate yoga poses for specific ailments, or provide names of other holistic health practitioners if you have special needs.”

40) Larry L.

Manny has been able to get rid of the constant pain I have in my back and knees. That has allowed me to mountain bike and run around the Back Bay pain free - which I live for.