The Rolf Workshop
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How Does It Work?

Fascial tissue makes up the primary unit of structure in the human body. Fascia is a three dimensional, web like, network of connective tissue which wraps all of the muscles, bones, organs, and brain. Additionally, fascia can be changed directly by forces outside of the body itself (like a Rolfer and the gravitational field for example) and indirectly by accessing the nervous system.

The body deposits additional fascial tissue in areas that are under long term strain (from patterns of use, trauma, etc.). This has the effect of both strengthening and stiffening the area of deposit while limiting movement and sometimes causing pain. We organize and align the body segments relative to one another by strategically softening and breaking apart fascial deposits and adhesions.

“I am walking so much more smoothly now. I can feel my feet on the floor and the way the weight drops down through them. Before, my walking motion was more rocking side to side. Now my legs go front to back.”

- J.H. - Student