How To Strengthen Your Core With Structural Integration

February 12, 2015

(0:00) This is a great exercise for freeing up your muscular imbalances of the
(0:09) pelvic area into the legs and the trunk. What they’ll do
(0:13) is they will free your lower spine up and give you a
(0:17) more easy lumbar curve so that if you’re in pain
(0:20) in the low back or even in the upper back it will
(0:24) help to balance it out – it will balance your body out – so you can relieve some of that pain. So I start out with a
(0:29) yoga brick. I’m using a foam brick in this case. You can use a wooden
(0:33) brick – whichever one you have, it doesn’t really matter –
(0:36) but in this case I’m using a from brick
(0:39) because that’s what I have on hand. Notice I’m lying flat on the table, my knees are
(0:44) bent, and my feet are flat on the table. So I take the brick,
(0:48) I’m going to put it between my knees. It needs to be in a place where I can
(0:53) press on it. And then, I’m basically going to put my shoulders
(1:02) in a neutral position so they’re lying flat on the table. If I have my
(1:05) arms down like this notice how my shoulder rolls forward slightly. I’m going to
(1:09) put them like so, so my shoulder is nice and flat on the table. This helps my spine be in a more
(1:14) neutral position. And then I simply raise my buttocks up so that my body is in one straight line here
(1:21) from the point where it hits the table to my knees and down.
(1:27) Now, there’s a couple ways you do this: you could think about lifting
(1:30) your buttocks up or you could think about taking your knees that way.
(1:33) That’s really how I think about it. If you take your knees that way, it’s an easier action.
(1:38) It’s actually a more correct action and you won’t struggle with it as
(1:43) much as you will if you just simply try to squeeze your buttock up. This is what happens when you try to take your buttock up: you collapse here in the abdomen.
(1:49) But if you take your knees that way, that incorporates the lengthening
(1:53) of the body that goes on. It’s a lot easier. Now you want to press into the block when you’re doing this.
(1:57) Press hard into the block when you’re doing this. So you go up and you come down. This isn’t something
(2:05) you do quickly and it’s not an arduously slow process,
(2:08) but you just do it nice and methodically. And down, up, hold for a moment,
(2:15) and down, up, hold for a moment, and down. And you do three sets, three to five sets of ten of
(2:23) this to really help free up your lower back,
(2:26) also, your upper spine as well. Up and down, up and down, up and down, up
(2:39) and down. It’s a great exercise. Have fun with it and let me know how it works for you.

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