How To Stop Lower Back Pain With Exercise

February 12, 2015

(0:00) First things first, you want to have your legs
(0:04) at a right angle. So you’ve got your pelvis
(0:07) and your thigh against the wall. The bottom
(0:11) leg is directly straight out, the feet are hip width
(0:14) distance apart, the knees are hip width distance apart. And you’re going to take
(0:21) your pelvis and press it into the wall so that
(0:24) from the top of your pelvis to all the way down to your knee
(0:27) you’ve got contact with the wall. From there,
(0:31) you’re going to lift your chest as you press your body into the wall and you press
(0:38) the bottom of your costal arch, which is right where your
(0:42) ribs end and the abdomen start. So your whole abdomen is pressed against the
(0:46) wall. Press it against the wall as you bring your shoulders back and down, lifting the sternum
(0:53) towards the ceiling. And then your hands can either hang here or
(0:58) they can go on the backs of your legs for support and you’re going to press as
(1:02) hard as you can, press with your buttocks, press with your abdomen
(1:06) into the wall creating this arch, and then you slowly
(1:12) come back up, and then you’ll rest here, and then you’ll do it
(1:16) again. Now you may want to go into this slowly
(1:19) the first couple of times so that you can
(1:23) slowly feel the muscles activating.

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