What Is The Fascial Organ And How Does It Affect Your Performance?

January 29, 2015

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Show Notes:

In this episode I interview Myofascial Specialist, David Lesondak about the mysterious organ of structure called fascia and its relation to human performance.

This is a must listen to interview for athletes: David talks about integrating fourth pillar into any, three pillar, sports science training program, for any type of sport. The current three pillars are cardiovascular training, strength training, neuromuscular training, and the fourth pillar- fascial fitness training- for greater resiliency, and greater movement economy with less effort by way of improving the elastic rebounding capability of the fascial system.


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A brief bio:

David Lesondak, KMI,CSI, LMT,

David is the CIO (Chief Instigation Officer) of fascialconnections.com.David Lesondak

He is a member of the Allied Health Professional Staff in the Department of Family and Community Medicine at University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. David is a Myofascial Specialist and Structural Integrator at UPMC’s Center for Integrative Medicine in Shadyside. He also maintains a private practice at AmeriFit in Greentree.  He specializes in chronic pain, pre and post-surgical issues, physical  performance enhancement and treatment for those suffering with cancer.

David has been in private practice in the greater Pittsburgh area since 1992.

He teaches and lectures internationally about all things fascia.

David attended CCAC and accomplished his formative training in Structural Integration at Kinesis, under the tutelage of  their director,  Tom Myers. He went on to serve for 5 years as an associate faculty member and media consultant/producer for Kinesis. He continues to advance his craft through continuing education for advanced  SI approaches and visceral manipulation at the Barral Institute.

Leveraging his previous life in the video arts, in 2009 David  released Anatomy Trains Revealed, a 3 DVD  set that explores fascial anatomy and took 5 years to complete.  The success of that project (co-produced with Tom Myers) led to a continuing collaboration with Robert Schleip and the Fascia Research Project at Ulm University, Germany – their most recent release being “Fascia & Sports Medicine”.  He filmed and produced the proceedings of the Third International Fascia Research Congress  in 2012 and has been invited to reprise his role at the next Congress in 2015.

His educational programs can be found at fasciadvds.com.

David’s video company, Singing Cowboy Productions, specializes in crafting educational videos for all things fascia but also produces music, promotional and public service spots. You can see some of that work here.

Previously he enjoyed careers in television, advertising, the funeral arts and a 10 year stint on public radio with WYEP. David still has a passion for music and songwriting and his currently working on his first album. He also luvs himself some Joss Whedon and Doctor Who.

See more at: http://fascialconnections.com/about#sthash.q5MfKdcY.dpuf

David’s blog for affascianados is http://www.fascialconnections.com

David’s professional practice website: http://www.davidlesondak.com

For all books and DVDs on fascia including Robert Schliep’s and Leon Chiatow’s new books on fascia: http://www.fasciadvds.com

For Fascial Fitness training information and certified trainers: http://www.fascialfitness.com

For super geeky affacianados who want to know the latest- up-to-the-minute fascial science and discoveries: The Fascial Research Congress website: http://www.fasciacongress.org (full disclosure: I’ll be attending- Yipee!)

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