Episode #23 Breathing Right For Improved Sleep, Health, And Energy

December 21, 2014

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In this episode, I explore a little noticed topic of breathing efficiency and its effect on overall brain function, health, and physical performance.

Although there are various ways to improve cellular energy production and explosive peak energy production, the untapped element in this equation is structural impediments to actually getting air into your lungs.

Any restriction in the tissues is going to 1) limit volume of inhalation and thereby limit the volume of oxygen getting into the body and 2) Necessitate additional energy expenditure to overcome the tissue restriction and/or compensate by increasing breathing frequency (thereby additionally increasing energy expenditure required for breathing and subsequently limiting energy availability to the brain, muscles, etc.)

If you have a tight back, neck, knots, tight quads, glutes, hamstrings, ITB, jaw, etc, you have tissue restrictions in your trunk that are impeding your breathing efficiency and your health, sleep, and physical and mental performance.

Multiply any percentage inefficiency by the 17,280 breaths you take every day and the wasted energy starts to add up!

Take the Breathing Efficiency Assessment HERE: http://therolfworkshop.com/blog/articles/are-breathing-restrictions-affecting-your-brain-performance/

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