Episode #21 Does Eating Cooked Food Doom You And Your Future Generations To Poor Health?

December 11, 2014

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Control Food Group A) Raw meat, viscera, bones, raw milk, cod liver oil (run of the pen cats)

Experimental Diet Foods) a. Raw Meat b. Cooked Meat c. Raw Milk d. Pasteurized Milk e. Evaporated Milk f. Sweetened Condensed Milk

Once assigned, the animals food group was held constant.

Two Basic studies- One focused on Milk (raw/cooked), the other on Meat (raw/cooked) had almost identical results.

Study #1 ( 1/3 A 2/3 of one of the Experimental Diet foods)

Studies recorded numerous physiological changes in the animals and their offspring

Milk Study:

Raw milk cats- move about the pen with grace and nimbleness- land on their feet when they were thrown a short distance, sexually interested in the opposite sex, they have a sheen on their coat. Dentition was perfect.

Cooked milk cats, are lethargic, develop arthritis, move more tentatively, when thrown a short distance they show slightly impaired sense of coordination (don’t always land on their feet and appear weaker). Dental deterioration was also common (abcesses above the molars, redness of gums, softness of gingiva)

Evaporated Milk cats showed greater deterioration.

Sweetened Condensed Milk animals exhibited nervousness, purple tone to mouth, abcesses, poor dentition.

In a confrontation between raw milk and pasteurized milk females, the raw milk cat gets in 20-30 hits for every one by the cooked milk cat.

All of the above cats started the study in perfect health, and in similar physical condition to one another.

The results in offspring become more pronounced.


Gen 2 cats:

Raw meat cats appeared larger than cooked meat cats (@ 16 weeks raw meat cat @ 2 Kg while the cooked meat cat weighed 1.6kg)

Skeletal analysis revealed more complete development of the skull of:

raw meat cat: (fully developed zygomatic arch, fully formed sinus, Fully developed orbital arch). Bone structure constant over generations. Calcium content of bone: 12-17%

Cooked meat cat: heads have begun to flatten and head smaller than raw meat cat. Zygomatic arch, sinus and orbital arches are not fully developed. Calcium content of bone has fallen to 10%

Cooked meat animals started to look androgenous.


Gen 3 Cats:

Cooked Meat: Most remarkable development of change. Skull considerably smaller, flat with pointed features. Skull shows poorly developed zygomatic arch. Bones are paper thin and soft like sponge rubber. Sinus shows deviated development. Calcium content of bones has fallen to 3%

Allergies, parasites, and fleas are all present in 3rd generation cooked meat animals. These are not present in the raw meat animals.

Lethargy and impaired coordination are the norm for 3rd generation cooked meat animals

Cooked meat cats were unable to successfully reproduce after the 3rd generation.

Void of sexual interest. When able to mate only stillborn litters were produced.

Raw Meat continued to produce healthy offspring generation after generation.

Reversal is possible but it takes 4 generations to fully regain wellbeing.

One cooked meat cat escaped its pen and recovered considerably while living in the wild.

The changes in the cats are comparable to the changes in human beings over since the industrialization of food production (starting roughly 1900. For example, My great grandmother grew up on a farm, and moved to the city when she married. Her daughter was relatively healthy. My mother has scoliosis and osteoporosis. My sister and I have more severe scoliosis- all three of us have cavity prone teeth.

These findings parallel those of Dr. Weston A Price in his study of the health emerging societies and its relation to change in diet from traditional diet to modern processed diet.

Optimal diet for humans is minimum 50% Raw. (fish, meat, eggs, vegetables, etc)

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Barbara December 11, 2014 at 3:45 pm

Do you mean your descendants rather than ancestors? I don’t think what I eat will have any effect on my ancestors… But it will to my descendants – my children and their children, etc.


admin December 23, 2014 at 8:45 pm

Good point! Poor choice of words on my part!


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