Episode #20 How To Naturally Improve Your Vision And Throw Your Glasses In The Trash

December 6, 2014

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In episode #20, I discuss the possible causes of myopia (nearsightedness) and one method for improvement.

Myopia can be genetic (inherited) but expression is enhanced by epigenetic (environmental and lifestyle) factors. Additionally, Myopia can be non genetic but induced by epigenetic (environmental and lifestyle factors)

Epigenetic factors include close work such as study, poor diet, and lack of outdoor exercise, poor illumination, and poor eye care.

Dietary factors such as that are associated with myopial development and progression are:

Hyperinsulinemia and insulin resistence

Excess intake of carbohydrate and whole grains

Deficiency of fish oil and essential fatty acids

Deficiency in fat soluble vitamins

Mineral deficiency or excess

In a study by Loran Cordain, Children in the the islands of Vanatu have 8 hours a day of compulsory schooling, yet their rate of myopia is only 2% (very low!) Their native diet consists of fish, yam, and coconut (and no grains)

Those with strong myopia >2.0 diopters (>20/150) are genetically predisposed. Mild myopia < 2.0 Diopters (<20/150) are non genetically predisposed (as a rule)

Early myopia results from the spasm of the ciliary muscles of the eye (which shape the lens) causing the focus point to fall in front of the back of the eye in far vision. This is temporary but with repeated close work, spasm becomes continuous.

Putting a minus lens in front of the eye simply makes the eye grow longer over time leading to the same problem- and more stronger lenses to get proper focus- a vicious cycle.

Myopia can be reversed by doing specialized eye exercises (not the Bates Method) daily, and eventually driving the compensation of eye length towards better vision. 20/20 vision is attainable! (see video below for details on how to do this).

Todd Becker, M.S. Website: http://www.gettingstronger.org

Video of Ancestral Health Symposium Lecture on how to cure your myopia: http://gettingstronger.org/2014/08/myopia-a-modern-yet-reversible-disease/

Research Citations: http://gettingstronger.org/2014/08/myopia-a-modern-yet-reversible-disease/  Slides 39-40

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