How To Stop Back Pain With The Bird Dog Exercise

(0:00) This is another great exercise for
(0:03) knee pain, mid-back pain, and
(0:06) sometimes hip pain depending on the problem. I’m basically doing
(0:13) I think what’s called like a bird dog or a leg extension, a very straightforward exercise.
(0:18) I’m going to do it in a particular way.
(0:22) I’ll go ahead and turn sideways and show you, but this is a great way
(0:26) to get your body moving in a uniform fashion
(0:29) and to really resolve some the structural problems
(0:32) that are at the base of the pains that you see arising
(0:38) in the knee, in the hip, and in the back, generally.
(0:41) I’ll go ahead and turn to my side.
(0:45) I’m going to be on my hands and knees. I’m on all four. My hands are directly below
(0:49) my shoulders. I’m just going to do a tester
(0:52) real quick and see if I have enough space. I do not.
(0:55) I’m hitting the table. I’m going to move up here or I’ll move back
(0:59) actually. It’s probably easier, You can probably see me better here.
(1:04) I’m simply going to –
(1:08) if I’ve got, say, pain here in the mid back,
(1:11) I’m going to keep my hips square as I raise this leg. Now I’m going to
(1:17) push the heel out, okay, like I’m kicking something.
(1:21) This is a slow movement. It’s a very deliberate
(1:24) movement. It’s not a fast movement. Then I’m going to bring the leg
(1:27) up – directly up, not out the side, and not bent,
(1:31) but directly up,
(1:35) keeping my hips square. My hips want to rise. I’m going to keep them square
(1:38) and bring that leg up. That forces my back to work.
(1:41) Then I’ll do the other side. Now for me,
(1:49) the left side is the side where I have challenges. This is going to want to lift.
(1:52) I have to remember
(1:53) and bring it down. First I extend straight out,
(1:57) then I lift.
(2:00) Straight-out, then I lift. Straight-out,
(2:04) then I lift.
(2:07) Straight-out, then I lift. You can do this while standing, as well.
(2:13) I do it before and after a run, often. You might not be able to see my whole picture as I stand up,
(2:18) but it looks something like this. I’m releasing this area in my back
(2:25) and extending it as I kick the leg out.
(2:28) Straight leg. Try it.

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