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About Dr. Weston A. Price

Dr. Weston A. Price an early 20th Century dentist who initially considerd diet as the primary factor causing tooth decay. In 1939, Price published Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, a book that details a series of ethnographic nutritional studies he performed across diverse cultures, In the book, Price claimed that various diseases endemic to Western culture from dental caries to tuberculosis were rarely present in non-Western cultures. He argued that as non-Western groups abandoned indigenous diets and adopted Western patterns of living, they showed increases in typical Western diseases. He concluded that Western methods of commercially preparing and storing foods stripped away vitamins and minerals necessary to prevent these diseases.

"I was impressed by the space Manny created for healing, as well as his skill and knowledge. After two sessions with Manny, I was able to swim more symmetrically and easily. I highly recommend Manny for any structural integration!!”

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