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Fuel For Athletes

Our athletic specific nutrition programs cover 4 basic areas:

  • Long term physiological adaptation to the demands of the sport
  • Pre competition
  • Race fueling
  • Post competition recovery
  • Proper nutrition will not only help you build a more competitive body but will build athletic longevity into your body so you wont injure out of the sport as you age (the number 1 reason athletes retire from competition).

    For Those Who Are Injured:
    Nutrition plays a huge role in speeding your recovery by giving your body the specific nutrients it requires for fast and long lasting healing. We can help with any level of athlete: from the amateur body builder to beginning 5k runners, team sports, individual pursuits, to ultras and everywhere in between.

    We Specialize In Endurance Athletes!
    Endurance Athletes have very special needs...The longer the event, the more critical the fuelling strategy.
    We have extensive experience in 2-14 hour endurance racing and will help you design a program specific to the demands of your event.

    We will show you how to access a source of almost unlimited energy
    This is vital for long course racing success- that allows you to consume minimal calories out on the course, freeing you from the distraction that frequent race fueling has on your mental game.

    We have customized programs for the individual athlete
    -From simple race fuelling strategies all the way to athlete specific metabolic testing, specialized training programs and integrated nutritional and supplement plans.

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