#47 The J- Shaped Spine Part Deaux- Real Strategies For Creating A Pain Free Back

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In this episode, I discuss and dissect the recent trending story about Esther Gokhale and her work with back pain- greekstatues- J shaped spinespecifically comparing modern, first world, anatomy of the spine (she terms the “S- Shaped Spine) and the “J- Shaped Spine found in very old anatomy books in addition to modern indigenous peoples who live a traditional, non sitting lifestyle.

In this discussion I explain the reasons for the anatomical differences, their implication in poor posture, hip, SI, back, neck, and shoulder pain, and I offer a strategy for improving posture and banishing back pain.


Esther Gokhale’s website: http://gokhalemethod.com

The imaging app I use in practice BodyAlignPro:http://bodyalignpro.com/

Exercise tips and movement cues:

  • lift the collarbones (disengage your shoulder girdle- engage your core)
  • build your glute medius (stand, balance, lunge- use your legs more often!)
  • build your glute complex (min, med, max)- squat often
  • Leg strength and mobility is important
  • Keep a long neck (starts in the mid back- lumbo dorsal hinge)
  • Get a Functional Assessment and tape the non or low functioning muscles



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