#45 Cycling Discomfort, Spider Veins, Dry and Flaky Skin, and Stubborn Belly Fat

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In this episode, I discuss the following:

Edema and spider veins what they mean and what to do about them.

1)Edema is a swelling (usually in the lower extremities) resulting from poor circulation caused by a variety of factors (sitting, poor diet, nutrient deficiency, injury, etc) It is a result of pooling of liquids- blood, lymph, and interstitial fluids. Edema further slows fluid flow and can even block fluid flow. The risk of edema is blood pooling and clot formation. If the clots or micro clots become discharged into the bloodstream they create a high risk for stroke or heart attack.spider veins

2) Spider veins are blood vessels that have, due to nutritional deficiency of whole food vitamin C amongst other factors, lost their integrity, have swelled a bit and no longer move blood well. They are most visible in the sides of the heel, in the lower legs and legs and as people age, throughout the rest of the body.

3) Both of these conditions are manifestations of sub-clinical Scurvy- the degradation of the collagenous structures in the body due to deficiency in all of the 10 vitamin C factors (ascorbic acid is one of the 10 factors of vitamin C that the body needs to form the active compound.)

4) Insulin resistance and inactivity are the typical drivers for these conditions and additionally drive the increase in systemic inflammation in the body. High LDL and CRP (C-reactive protein- an inflammatory marker) are the typical result and are risk markers for cardiovascular events such as heart attack and stroke.

5) Herbal protocol to heal these situations (Oxypower– reduce systemic inflammation and CRP, Veinlite– repair blood vessels and reduce blood viscosity Asparagus Extract– for synergistic effect with the former two) along with an anti-inflammatory diet.) Bonus supplement for insulin resistence- Diabend – contains the herb Gymnema which has been shown to aid in balancing the blood sugar (key in lowering insulin resisitance).

6) Diet should be anti-inflammatory and low carb, ketogenic, or whole food paleo. This is key as one cant supplement their way out of imbalance when they continue to eat the foods that drove them to imbalance in the first place.

7) For athletes who are wary of taking herbal supplements- contact me directly through my contact page (http://therolfworkshop.com/contact.html) for the whole food supplement (non herbal) protocol.

Prostate health- nighttime urination, pain, inflammation, cherry angiomas

  • Men- if you are peeing in the middle of the night (ie. getting up in from sleep to go pee), you are not experiencing several erections during the night, you have trouble emptying out your bladder fully, have a split urine stream, pain, ache, or discomfort in the lower abdominal area near your pubic bone (deep) or above your perenium (deep) you may have an enlarged prostate.
  • If you are <50 years old and have a PSA test of above 0.06 you may be at risk for an enlarged prostate.
  • If you have cherry angiomas (small red spots on the skin) across your abdomen, head, and or tongue, you may be turning your testosterone to bad estrogens that drive prostate enlargement and potentially prostate cancer
  • If you have abdominal fat – you may be hyperaromatizing your testosterone (turning it to bad estrogen)
  • The converging factors of this are driven also by insulin resistance from too many carbs.
  • Supplement protocol for repair (coupled with a low carb, paleo, or ketogenic diet is critical to stop this destructive process.
  • Supplement protocol is as follows: Myomin and Zinc Liver Chelate (to stop the conversion of your own testosterone to estrogen, Prosta Chi to repair your prostate, Diabend to repair your pancreas and balance the blood sugar, and Oxypower to cut the inflammation and repair the damage driven by insulin resistence and higher blood sugar.
  • For athletes who are wary of taking herbal supplements- contact me directly through my contact page (http://therolfworkshop.com/contact.html) for the whole food supplement (non herbal) protocol.
  • NOTE: Men who are taking supplemental Testosterone are high risk for conversion of testosterone to estrogen and thereby prostate pathology. Myomin is a must for any hormonal therapy to reduce the risks associated with HRT. Take Myomin to stop the conversion of valuable Testosterone to bad estrogens

Why you can’t lose that stubborn fat. Insulin resistance?

1) The roots of this are in too much cardio and carbs. Insulin resistance will drive inflammation which holds belly fat on

Woman's fingers  measuring  her belly fat

the body. Cardio is catabolic and drives the conversion of testosterone to bad estrogen. Supplement protocol is as follows: (Diabend for insulin resisitence, OxyPower for systemic inflammation).

2)Couple this with a low carb, paleo, or ketogenic diet to get at the root of the problem

3) For best results use the 21 Day Purification Program.

What causes dry and flaky skin?

  • Skin is a window to the body- it is the last organ of detoxification. The skin is also a very inefficient detoxifier.
  • When the liver is congested, usually from eating the wrong foods for too long, it no longer functions efficiently- it gets overwhelmed and uses the lungs and skin as backup detoxifiers- hence the skin issues that show up as dry or flaky skin, excema, psoriasis, and the like.Dry and flaky skin
  • NOTE: Excema and Psoriasis are considered autoimmune diseases, Acne is a manifestation of gut dysbiosis and subsequent skin infection.
  • Because the skin conditions are driven by internal dysfunction, topical treatment such as lotion and crème are temporary solutions that don’t get at the root of the problem- metabolic overload of the liver and gut disbyosis.
  • The solution for this liver congestion is to clean either the liver or the whole body out. 21 day purification program is preferred- another option is the following: (Liver Chi- for liver support, A-F Betafood for fat digestion, healthy fats such as Tuna Omega 3 Oil, low carb whole food diet or 21 day purification program)
  • Athletes use the 21 day purification program. http://therolfworkshop.com/21day.html and ProSynBiotic http://therolfworkshop.com/contact.html


Cycling discomfort- Late in the race or during longer training hours

  • This is qualified to athletes who have already had a professional bike fit (or several) and still have discomfort on the later hours on the bike. For triathletes, this is not only inefficient as the rider tends to slouch and collapse at the shoulder, the low back, or hip, neck, or knee.
  • After being fit and experiencing continued discomfort our method evaluates the riders posture and power numbers at aerobic and zone 4-5 for 10 minutes. We then help the rider correct his posture and retest. Inevitably, the power numbers go up. Also inevitably, the riders posture falls apart after several minutes at zone 4-5.cyclefit
  • Thus, we know that the posture results in comfort and power at lower efforts but falls apart under higher effort. This is an example of the way the body exaggerates its structural imbalances under stress.
  • Our method uses a targeted short series of structural bodywork to change the flexibility and fluidity of the body in the bike posture- rendering the riders body greater comfort at higher efforts.
  • After each session, we measure rider output at both aerobic and zone 4-5 efforts. This time, the power numbers AND the comfort of the rider goes up- allowing the rider to stay comfortably at the higher effort for a longer period of time.
  • This gives great postural, mental, and emotional preparation for the run portion of the race- allowing the runner to get greater leg extension and verticality in the structure allowing for a more efficient, comfortable run with less drama.
  • Interested parties fill out my contact form at http://therolfworkshop.com/contact.html

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