#43 Is Core Strength Really That Important? How To Determine Postural Imbalance. Why Vitamins Don’t Work. What Causes Plantar Fasciitis. Is Arthritis Curable?

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In this episode I explore and answer the age old questions that many seekers ponder-

  • What most people don’t know about core strength and do incorrectly- this is related to the next topic…
  • What is postural imbalance, why its important, and how to determine and resolve your postural imbalances for better “core strength”, and physical performance.
  • Why do we keep seeing articles on “Why Vitamins Don’t Work” and why that matters- In this segment, I demystify common tribal knowledge from experiential clinical knowledge to show you the best way to determine what nutrients you may be missing and those you are likely taking that are causing problems.
  • Plantar Fasciitis is a scourge to those who have it and most methods are relatively ineffective in resolving PF for more than a limited time. I identify the primary SYSTEMIC drivers of PF and explain how PF is simply a symptom of a greater imbalance pattern.
  • Is arthritis curable?- First of all, what the heck is common arthritis? I explain how arthritis develops and why conventional treatments do no more than temporarily dull the pain. Once you understand how arthritis is caused, you will more readily understand the principles behind how to effectively resolve the underlying drivers of this painful condition.


Upcoming Event: Dr. Tsu Tsair Chi live at Impact Health & Wellness- At Dr. Chi’s request we are unable to livecast and record this event for distribution. The live event is FREE and will be held in our teaching space Thursday Evening April 30th at 6:30pm.

Those interested in attending this special event must reserve their seat- seating is limited and invitations are going out to over 10,000 people for about 30 seats.

Dr. Chi will also be offering personalized constitutional assessments ( 4/30, 5/1, and possibly 5/2) using his fingernail and tongue analysis method and clear western terminology to explain to clients the imbalances, the implications, and offer a personalized plan for resolution.

These 10 minute assessments are extremely limited in number and are significantly discounted for this event at ONLY $41.00 (normally he charges up to $300 for an assessment). As of this writing- 2/3 of the assessments are paid for.

If you are not local- Dr. Chi is also offering a limited number of phone appointments.

Book your personalized, 10 minute assessment and/or reserve a seat at the free lecture with Dr. Chi HERE

If you are not local, our front desk will tell you what photographs you will need to send in for Dr. Chi’s analysis.

Once you have purchased your session please call our concierge at (949) 954-6225 to schedule and for any further instructions.

Postural Assessment: BodyAlignPro is the app and should be available on both the itunes app store and the android app store as well (ive used both versions). The app at ~ $4.99-$5.99 is an inexpensive tool for “seeing” postural imbalances- it comes with tutorial videos.

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