#42 Can Coffee Enemas, Lymph Massage, RIFE, and Detoxing Make You Sicker?

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In today’s episode, I discuss a recent case study of a person who put in enormous time, effort, and money into her healing process only to see it flounder after a few years.

The foundation of healing processes is as follows:

  • Eat the right foods for your body (foods, supplements, etc, proper eating mindset, chewing, etc)
  • Eliminate or minimize the impact stress has on your body. (Mindfulness, meditation, job change, relationship change, move location, etc)128328191_1Healthy_Lifestyle-Copy
  • If there is an internal imbalance of flora- use various methods to restore balance (kill bad, promote good)- herbs, tinctures, RIFE, etc.
  • Eliminate the toxins from the body (this includes destroyed flora, chemicals, metals, etc). Various methods/systems are available for this- stage 1/2 detox, lymph drainage, laxatives temporarily if necessary, gut cleanses, enemas, etc.
  • Movement- move your body in varied ways over varied terrain, using varied strategies.
  • Breathe
  • Replenish the body with genuine replacement parts- food, supplements, etc.

All other strategies go on top of this base strategy. All other treatments go on top of these base strategies.

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