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12 Week Metabolic Makeover

Our 12 Week Metabolic Makeover is the ultimate program designed to help you transition to a healthier lifestyle while working to repair the damage done to your body in the past.

This is a great program for those who want to resolve long term chronic health patterns and is a long enough duration for one to start to see significant results.

That said, we have found from years of wellness work that most people should allow one month of healing for every year of imbalance.

Our 12 Week Metabolic Makeover program consists of:

After you finish your Initial Assessment and Report Of Findings sessions we will provide on a weekly basis the following:
  • Review your weekly food diary and give you the tools you need to successfully and enjoyably change your eating habits to ones that support a healthier lifestyle

  • A complete Nutritional Exam (as necessary)

  • Nutritional Response Testing (to determine which whole food supplements your body needs on a weekly basis as the body's needs change over the course of the program)*

  • Weight loss coaching tailored to the individual (as necessary)

  • Biomechanically individualized exercise tips (to enhance any exercise program you are on)

  • Review lab results (as necessary)**

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*Supplements extra
**Any Lab Tests required are extra